2022-09-19  The New SONY 5M 1/3” STARVIS 2 CMOS Sensor
IMX675 is a 1/3” 5.12M CMOS image sensor with Dual Output technology capable of outputting the entire image or specific regions at different rates while accurately recognizing fast-moving objects. The dual output technology can output all pixels at a maximum rate of 40 frames per second while simultaneously outputting user-set regions of interest. The image sensor can not only provide the full image but also support specific regions with a high level of detail.
The new image sensor incorporates STARVIS 2 technology for high sensitivity and wide dynamic range. A dynamic range of 78 dB is approximately 250% greater than conventional models (compared to IMX335) and its power consumption is also 30% lower (compared to IMX335). The low-power design helps to reduce system costs.

Key Features:

  1. Dual image output for simultaneous output of all images and specific regions of interest
  2. Dynamic range of single exposure is approximately 250% greater than previous models (compared to IMX335LQN-C)
  3. 250% improvement in NIR sensitivity (compared to IMX335LQN-C)

Key Specifications

Model name


Effective pixels

2608 × 1964 (H x V), approx. 5.12 megapixels

Image size

Diagonal 6.53 mm (1/2.8-type)

Unit cell size

2.0 μm × 2.0 μm (H x V)

Frame rate

All pixels

10 bit 80 fps, 12 bit 60 fps


14840 Digit/lx/s

Sensor saturation signal level (minimum value)

3895 Digit

Power supply








MIPI D-PHY 2/4 lanes


Ceramic LGA 12.0 mm × 9.3 mm



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