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Introduction to the SONY IMX324/424 CMOS Image Sensor 2021-06-21

The IMX324 (RCCC color filter) and IMX424 (RCCB color filter) are two 1/1.7” stacked CMOS image sensors with a maximum resolution of up to 7.42 MP developed by SONY for forward sensor cameras in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). They can capture high-resolution imagery of distant objects or wider field-of-views to help the driver take early action to avoid traffic accidents, or provide auxiliary imagery of approaching pedestrians, vehicles and environments for the driver’s reference.

The horizontal resolution of these two cameras is about triple that of their predecessor (IMX224). When used with a camera with FOV 32°, high-resolution images can be captured for road signs 160 meters away.

Comparison of high-resolution images for distant road signs:

IMX324 Sample Image

The image sensor is also equipped with binning mode to increase its sensitivity in low-light conditions all the way up to 2666 mV. Images of pedestrians and obstacles under the moonlight can still be captured even on dark nights. Even in environments with uneven or mixed brightness such as car headlights and street lights at night, the image sensor has the ability to combine high-sensitivity imagery of dark areas and high-resolution imagery of bright areas to produce high-precision images recognition after post-processing.

Comparison of images in low-light environments (0.1 lux)

This is the first automotive-grade sensor to use a stacked configuration in the industry. The pixel array and signal processing circuitry are arranged on separate layers to reduce their size and power consumption while maintaining high-resolution. Both image sensors have passed the AEC-Q100 Grade 2 reliability testing standard for autotronic components. SONY followed the ISO 26262 standard during development to ensure that design quality complied with the automotive functional safety standard requirements. The image sensors satisfied the ASIL B functional safety rating for fault testing, notification and control. The IMX324 / IMX424 also incorporates anti-tamper protection of video outputs for use in automotive sensor cameras.

IMX324 / IMX424 Product specification:

Product specification

Model name

IMX324 / IMX424

Number of effective pixels

3849 (H) × 1929 (V) 7.42 megapixels

Image size

Diagonal 9.69mm (type 1/1.7)

Unit cell size

2.25μm (H) × 2.25μm (V)

Color filter


Frame rate

Full pixel reading

Max. 40 fps

Dynamic range (EMVA standard 1288)


(Standard Value: F5.6, 1/30 sec. exposure
time, 3200K color temperature)


784mV (Clear Pixel),
2666mV (pixel binning mode)


784mV (Clear Pixel),
2101mV (pixel binning mode)

Saturation signal (minimum value)



Power supply








MIPI CSI-2 serial output (4 lane / 2 lane)


108pin plastic BGA

Package size

13.23 mm x 8.97 mm


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