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SHARP GP2Y1026AU0F Air Quality Sensor 2021-06-21

The GP2Y1026AU0F optical air quality sensor is designed for sensing dust particles, fine inhalable particles (PM 2.5), and inhalable particles (PM10) floating in the air. Infra-red LEDs and phototransistors are mounted diagonally inside the sensor to detect light reflecting off dust in the air. Even very fine smoke particles such as tobacco smoke can be detected. Common applications include air-conditioning, air purifiers, air fresheners, and air quality testing devices. 

Product Type:
. Basic Analog Type: GP2Y1014AU0F
. High-precision Digital: GP2Y1026AU0F/GP2Y1027AU0F
. Distinguish between PM2.5 and PM10: GP2Y1030AU0F
. Laser detection for greater precision: GP2Y1040AU0F
In addition to the mass-produced models above, SHARP is actively working on products that can withstand higher operating temperatures or with smaller sizes that will have broader market applications.

1. Precision: ±15%
2. Embedded LED pulsing circuit
3. Embedded microprocessor. 
. Convert dust concentration to UART signal output. 
. No need for offset calibration. 
4. Embedded temperature calibration.
Product Specifications:


Technical Indicators

External Dimensions   



3.5 g

Power voltage (V)


Detection range


Detection type


Current consumption


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