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SONY Image Sensor Applications for Intelligent Traffic Systems 2021-05-20
Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) is a complex integrated system that uses a variety of sensors to collect traffic data for analysis. The purpose of ITS is to establish a safe traffic environment. Key functions include using traffic surveillance cameras to monitor traffic violations such as speeding and running the red light. It can also carry out preventive safety measures such as license plates and driver facial recognition.
ITS runs without interruption 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It must contend with speeding vehicles as well as changing environments such as strong sunlight or street lights at night. SONY image sensors with global shutter functionality can accurately capture high-quality image information in demanding environments at high speed.
Example of traffic surveillance camera application:

SONY image sensor recommendations:

GPF high-speed-shutter CMOS image sensor cam capture accurate imagers of fast-moving vehicles and their license plates then present them without warping. For high-resolution image sensors, a single sensor can be used to capture the license plates of multiple vehicles in several lanes. Depending on the number of lanes, SONY has a range of sensors that cover every need from small to high-resolutions. Reflected light usually makes it difficult for ordinary image sensors to get a clear view of car interiors. Polarized image sensors can be used in traffic cameras to remove reflections from car windows and improve the facial recognition of passengers. Polarized image sensor products are available from SONY.
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