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SONY’s New Large-Sized 1/1.2 4K CMOS Sensor 2021-08-16

The need for security cameras to provide high-resolution imagery in the dark means more demanding requirements for image sensors as well. The IMX585 CMOS sensor is a new 1/1.2-type 4K-resolution CMOS image sensor based on back-illuminated pixel technology developed by SONY for use in security cameras. The latest image technology delivers low-noise and outstanding low-light performance, while the back-illuminated pixel technology provides high sensitivity and high dynamic range. Sensitivity in the near-infrared range is boosted by approximately 1.7 times (compared to IMX485). The outstanding image recognition and detection performance in dark environments make the new sensor the perfect choice for high-end 4K security cameras.

Key Features:

1. Increased dynamic range

               (Image source:

2. Outstanding low-light performance

3. High frame rate output

4.DOL (10bit 3fram 30fps , 12bit 2fram 30fps) 

Key Specifications :

Model name IMX585
Effective pixels 3856 × 2180 (H × V), approx. 8.41 megapixels
Image size Diagonal 12.84 mm (1/1.2-type)
Unit cell size 2.9um × 2.9um (H × V)
Frame rate Total pixels  
Sensitivity (standard value: f5.6) 7900 Digit
Sensor saturation signal level (minimum value) 3895 Digit
Power supply Analog 3.3V
Digital 1.1V
Interface 1.8V
Main functions Dual gain HDR, Digital overlap HDR
Output MIPI D-PHY 2/4/4×2/8 lanes
Color filter array Bayer array
Package Ceramic LGA 20.0mm × 16.8 mm


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