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SONY GNSS/GPS Receiver and Positioning IC 2022-01-17

The new CXD5610GF GPS/GNSS receiver/processor chip announced by SONY uses high-frequency analog and digital signal processing circuitry developed in-house to deliver a high-precision positioning capability with the lowest power consumption in the industry. Such low-power performance will help IoT and wearable device products extend their GPS/GNSS operating times.

CXD5610GF offers precise and stable dual-band positioning services with the lowest power consumption in the industry. The L5 band uses a signal with 10 times the distance resolution of L1 band to improve positioning accuracy and the receiver’s sensitivity to the satellite signal. Even under difficult signal reception conditions, L1 and L5 signals can be combined to enable high-precision positioning. The rapid signal acquisition capability offered by SONY’s own advanced algorithms allows for swift and accurate positioning even in challenging signal reception conditions such as multiple paths generated by tall buildings, rapidly moving terminal tracking devices, as well as wearable sports devices where swinging arms produce constant changes in acceleration.
The low-power consumption and high sensitivity of CXD5610GF were made possible by SONY’s analog circuit technology and innovative design. The low-voltage IC incorporates digital circuitry and proprietary algorithms to support low-frequency clock operation.

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