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SHARP GP2AP130S00F Ultra-Compact Proximity Sensor 2022-01-17

The “GP2AP130S00F” ultra-compact proximity sensor recently released by SHARP is targeted at wearable device products.

Proximity sensors are increasingly being used on wearable devices in the place of physical switches to automatically detect whether the device is being worn and used. Market demand for compact proximity sensors is continuing to grow as a result.

The new SHARP sensor is the smallest of its class. It incorporates SHARP’s many years of experience in the development of opto-electronic components, optical signal processing technology, and advanced packaging techniques. The low power design with an average power consumption 40 μA is suitable for extended use and helps to increase battery life. A proprietary ambient light noise canceling circuit reduces accidental triggering of the sensor even in outdoor environments filled with infra-red light.

                                     Size comparison between the GP2AP130S00F proximity sensor (left) and a grain of rice

Product Specifications:


Technical Indicators

External Dimensions

 1.75×1.0×0.35 mm

Power voltage (V)

1.7~3.6 V

Average current consumption

40 μA

Detection distance


Emission wavelength

VCSEL Type 940 nm

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