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SONY’s AITRIOS AI Platform Service 2021-11-15

IoT is changing how we live by connecting all kinds of objects and information to the Internet. Will cloud systems alone be enough to maintain the momentum in IoT development, though? A growing number of IoT devices now impose additional demands from cloud data processing. These come from handling large amounts of data, the transmission of data with privacy risks, delays in processing and analysis, high power consumption, service continuity and security. To overcome these problems, SONY unveiled on October 6, 2021, its AITRIOS AI platform service. AITRIOS consists of the keywords “AI” and “Trio S.” The three S’s refer to Solution, Social Value, and Sustainability.

Image sensors acquire quite a large amount of data compared to other IoT devices. The biggest entry barrier for partners is, therefore, the difficulty of processing such data. SONY leveraged the technology and know-how it developed for image sensors to realize the AI optimization of data output. SONY partners can also take advantage of the one-stop platform to develop and deploy high-performance applications and solutions (e.g. AI developers, app developers, camera makers/module developers, and system developers) tailored to their requirements.

Platform services will initially be rolled out in Japan, U.S. and Europe at the end of 2021.

AITRIOS Platform Features
1. More efficient development of SDKs and tools by partners
2. Partners can download AI models and sensing applications from the marketplace, including purchasing and sales functionality.
3. Provide practical solutions for delivering a variety of services

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