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Introduction to the SONY IMX462LQR Image Sensor 2020-04-08

The new IMX462LQR image sensor from SONY is a diagonal 6.46mm (Type 1/2.8) CMOS solid-stage image sensor with a square pixel array and 2.13M effective pixels. The chip operates on a triple power supply (analog 2.9V, digital 1.2V and interface 1.8V) and has low power consumption.

High sensitivity, low dark current, and no smear are achieved through the use of R, G, and B filters. An electronic shutter with variable exposure is also included with the IMX462LQR chip. Suitable applications include surveillance cameras, FA cameras, and industrial cameras.


. Built-in timing adjustment circuit, H/V driver and serial communication circuit

. Input frequency: 74.25 MHz / 37.125 MHz

. Support for vertical/horizontal flipping

. Maximum frame rate: FHD 1080p 120 fps

. High Dynamic Range (HDR) function

     - Multiple exposure HDR

     - DOL HDR

. Variable shutter function (resolution of 1H unit)

. 10-bit / 12-bit Analog/Digital converter

CDS (Correlated Double Sampling ) / PGA (Programmable Gain Amplifier)Function 
0 dB to 29.4 dB:Analog gain 29.4 dB(Step pitch 0.3 dB)
29.7 dB to 71.4 dB:Analog gain 29.4 dB +Digital gain 0.3 to 42 dB(Step pitch 0.3 dB)Support I / O switching
- CMOS logic parallel switching  
- Sub LVDS(150m Vp-p)(2ch / 4ch / 8ch )switching  
- MIPI CSI-2 Output(2 Lane / 4 Lane,RAW10 / RAW12 switching )

Key specifications:

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