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Introduction to the SONY IMX415 Image Sensor 2019-07-03

Sony today announced the release of a new CMOS image sensor: the IMX415 type 1/2.8 4K-resolution stacked CMOS image sensor, the smallest of its kind in the world. Sony has designed the new sensor to meet the rapidly expanding need for security cameras in a variety of monitoring applications such as anti-theft, disaster alert, traffic monitoring systems and commercial complexes.

There is an increasing demand for security cameras for use in a variety of places and with that comes a greater demand than ever for compact cameras that can be installed just about anywhere and have a higher level of image recognition and detection performance. Significant growth is also expected in demand cameras used for image recognition in anomaly detection and behavioral analysis using AI. Addressing this need, Sony offers a lineup of compact 4K-resolution CMOS image sensors that deliver superior image recognition and detection performance and excellent low-light performance at the same time—which had been difficult to achieve with conventional technologies. The expanded sensor lineup makes it possible to obtain high-quality images for various scenes, thereby expanding the range of applications for security cameras.

Generally speaking, greater pixel miniaturization means the light collection efficiency per pixel deteriorates and sensitivity decreases. Sony's newly developed IMX415 stacked CMOS image sensor employs proprietary high-sensitivity, low-noise technology to miniaturize the pixel size to 1.45 square μm, which is approximately 80% smaller than the previous generation IMX274 products. The result is a record-breaking type 1/2.8 4K-resolution stacked CMOS image sensor with low-light performance that is 50% better than the IMX274. The IMX415’s low-noise, stacked architecture means it can capture clear images in darkness. Its compact 1/2.8 size can be used in a variety of scenarios making it very suitable for security camera applications.

               IMX415 low-light image                                                                         Low-light image of IMX274 from the
                                                                                                                                            previous generation

Main specifications 


Model name 


Image size

Diagonal: 6.43mm (type 1/2.8)

Number of effective pixels

3864(H) × 2192(V), approx. 8.46 megapixels                                 

Unit cell size

1.45μm (H) × 1.45μm (V)

Full pixel        / Frame rate

10bit 90fps、12bit 60fps

Sensitivity  (F5.6 standard value)                                

2048 digits

Sensor saturation signal level 
(minimum value) 

3895 digits








Main function

Digital overlap HDR


MIPI D-PHY 2/4 lanes

Color filter array   

Bayer array


Ceramic LGA 12.0mm x 9.3mm

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