Company Info

Sunnic India was established in 2019 as a liaison office of Sunnic Singapore, and it was upgraded as a branch office in 2022. With the official distributorship of Sony imaging solution and core technology of Sunnic group, Sunnic India provides a one-stop-shopping service for the local camera manufacturer. Smart Eco System is another service that provides HVLS fans with IoT control.

Sunnic Group is an MNC funded in 1985 with Headquarters listed in Taiwan. The core value is image processing, IoT, and AI. The service is one-stop-shopping including:

1. Device & equipment distribution
Image sensor, processor, touch panel, laser soldering machine, precise mechanical parts, and HVLS fan.

2.Product & customization solution
Camera and IoT-related product

3. System & AI integration
Smart surveillance, smart agriculture, smart retail, smart eco.

4. Healthcare & Sanitization
IoT medical device, F&B franchise, Hypochlorous acid.

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